And yet again I rest my head
Solitary lost in the cool of thoughts
Secretly hoping and longing
For these dark deep thorns
To spring out rich red roses
Waiting patiently for this silent groans
To bypass and turn into outburst of praise
Daring and pressing my soul to soar,
Melting crisps of past cling
So tightly on my maiden chiming spirit

Oh! Do you see the pretty uglying?
Do you stand the broken crippling?

Trying so hard to hang on to Light
That leads only to the path of Love Eternal
Like a Dynamo, Esteem reawakens
Giving Living Life to dying death
Bracing, strengthening, invigorating
With approval of sanctified sanity,
I launch into this deep firing thoughts
Reaching for the richest Pure
Reversing the past totally to walk the Future.



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