Wednesday, June 29, 2011


 And again my readers, Kaylove has been pondering very hard over the issues of life, searching desperately for answers as to why certain things are the way they are.
 So you meet this amazing person and oops! Hot flashes you get could melt a stone. You're all ecstatic about being the number one fan in this one person's life. Ladies, I know how majority of us are, nothing else probably matters at that point and Guys, Uhm... they might be more reserved on the expression because of their brutal ego. No offense intended, but it's the way God structured them. Very masculine in expression.
 Then reality sets in, I'll say welcome from La La Land. You begin to see those things you dread and don't want to ever deal with. Questions about what's gone wrong bewilders the mind. Everything falls apart and yea you might crash. Many young men and women (single) make the silly mistake of involving themselves sexually and we even call it MAKE UP sex after each fight. Are we that blind to see that sex doesn't fix the whole mess. I mean you enjoy the pleasure but you walk right back to chaos.
 There's an eternal void, your heart yearns for something more, and when it doesn't get satisfied. It keeps looking and might end up in the wrong place. Lots of men and women might end up cheating on their partners because what was once Heaven has lost it's savor, and they might want to experience something new with someone new. Forgetting that the same cycle will go on if they don't get it right.
 Which brings me to ask, "Aren't we just the same way with God"? We're never consistent with God. He spues neither hot nor cold out of his mouth. He requires us to commune with him daily for our own benefit. I tell someone special that it'll be difficult for relationships to remain consistent, if both parties are not consistent with God.
 The World will have less broken hearts if we had that same fire burning with God in us and work it out in relationships. It will get hard, it will get bumpy. It isn't all smooth but what will keep that spark in place till there's no breath left in you. Let's examine ourselves carefully and the relationships God has given us, either man or woman. What are we doing to water it? Just remember if you ain't getting it right with God constantly, it might work for a short while, but will come crashing down.
 Appreciate more, Communicate more, Understand more, Trust more, Express care more because you have no idea how much time you have left. Complain less, Bicker less, Argue less and be a blessing. GET IT RIGHT!!!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


In between the rigorous search for answers
In the midst of easy can't figure it out situations,
therein is a submerge of knowing the known,
as glaring as an angel blowing the horn
craving for uncountable knowledge of the unseen

Have you ever seen the wind blow caution?
Have you ever heard the sound of raging waves?

Beckoning on your ill stiff neck
pressuring that you don't lose sight
Knowing what knowledge brings, is easy
understanding the height of it, is wisdom
my muse is to you and I
that we don't lose focus on the waves of the unknown.


Sunday, June 26, 2011


That very Look on his face
On the night of an innocent phase
makes my fainting eyes gaze
So very hard into the empty space

For more of his seriously tender face
My heart now like wheels gently race
That makes assurance a surety ablaze
Till one is up and ten is abase

Come close and stare in the nook of my face
Watch the ignition as it lightly displace
Arrest my belly with the tingles of butterfly's grace
Drive my heart home till I rest my case

Lure me in, oh precious gentle face!
Word for word, hold to hold is our fate
Like a summer holiday, we'll set the pace
As my territory become your lodging place.


Thursday, June 23, 2011


And yet again I rest my head
Solitary lost in the cool of thoughts
Secretly hoping and longing
For these dark deep thorns
To spring out rich red roses
Waiting patiently for this silent groans
To bypass and turn into outburst of praise
Daring and pressing my soul to soar,
Melting crisps of past cling
So tightly on my maiden chiming spirit

Oh! Do you see the pretty uglying?
Do you stand the broken crippling?

Trying so hard to hang on to Light
That leads only to the path of Love Eternal
Like a Dynamo, Esteem reawakens
Giving Living Life to dying death
Bracing, strengthening, invigorating
With approval of sanctified sanity,
I launch into this deep firing thoughts
Reaching for the richest Pure
Reversing the past totally to walk the Future.


Thursday, June 16, 2011


Like a lock, suspending door
Like a leash on a beastly validating horror
Pregnant with a shocking Feist
Chanting with courage almost already diced

Heart to purpose, rebirth in progress
Twirls of wisdom, I need shut
Instance of commission will seek redress
Accelerating dream drills with no But

Drifting drafts, side to side
Sifting shafts, barn to barn
Sieving sand, pile on pile
Unbreaking nature's bound without span

Like a stamp, which readily seal
Advocating reasons for journey's deal
Lost to the eye, alive to man's essence
Seeking fulfillment till there's no more in presence

Fall into place, line by line
Fill the void, space to space
Break the ice time after time
Till the melting divine spells Eternal days