To whom, it is given, it is acknowledged
A strange embodiment of character
Like an uncontrollable pendulum, it swings
Revealing time after time, its hint
To you, it might be worthy of protection
Guarded by your instincts and intuition
But I hope in your very own fiction
There's a meaningful foundation
To me, it is precious and priceless
A substitute for an old wine skin
Pictured after the image of a superior
Nourished in the abundance of fountain
To us, a rebirth of entity
Greatly appalled by the wind of change
Finding balance in the sway of opportunity
Immensely measured by adorning gauge


  1. Happy birthday to you my darling, my sister in the absence of none, my friend the one i can trust with my life, my counsellor who I can reach out to when I'm feeling low...the mother of my godson, you are God's gift to me and I always celebrate your day with you. As you search for self...I pray that His will for you shall come into fruition and may you live to spend more beautiful years in happiness. I love and miss you muchly! Have a blessed day my dear!

  2. Thanks my Angel....You're unconditionally treasured my love....You put a smile on this face right here....Bless the womb that bore you.Amen to your heartfelt prayers.


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