Today and only Now, Yes, on a beautiful Friday morning, am I crazy? What do I want or what do I need? What does my longing soul require to have? Yea, I know...too many questions flood our minds irrespective of what you have. This brings me to ask you,
 Why do we look for Love in all the wrong places? Why does our heart fail, woefully to understand the principle of each one loving oneself the most appropriate way first?
 Women out there,seek for security,for something unrealistic,media clogging minds daily,tampering with reserved emotions,forcing innocent souls to believe the unreal.Men unsatisfied with urges unquenched,searching for vague images in one woman.Fantasy gone wild,Morals out of sight,believing lies and breaking hearts.Oh! Do we then settle for less is the question that lingers.Do we accept failure,do we accept what the world tells us it is?
 I have seen men and women brutally shattered by what they thought was their forever held dream.Women and men now take precaution,and yet still fall in the same soil of unconscious hate. Oh! Oh!
Maybe, if you first loved yourself,and paid more attention to the God in you,maybe you'd find the answer your soul lusteth for.There's realizing and there's reality.No one man or woman can love you more than you already love you.How about just quit looking in the wrong places!!!!
I'm sick and sick of it.....
I have seen Ladies give up dignity and sown devilish seeds into homes.I have seen young men,make devils out of many innocent ladies.
Only and Only if we had some more love for ourselves.Men, if you loved you,you'd care about implications,not just on you,but your generation.Likewise,women.What you do now,might not be understood totally,till years down the road.Consequences is built into what we do with our lives.We now live in a world of Hate and abomination.
Where then is the Love for yourself?


  1. Well said......the more solutions we seek, the more complicated the world around us get though, cuz we know not the soul of the person next to us.

  2. Hi...at least we're secure enough inside to take risks,and that's when we first seek to know who we are.However,our experiences in relationships with other people should only open us up to Love and forgive...

  3. You are very correct. If people knew who they were, no cases of suicide would be heard of. Majority of the people measure themselves by what the eyes can see. we have lost pride in ourselves and have retired to looking for love where it does not exit.

    Our true image is within our reach. No longer should we look for it where it is not kept. No longer should we endure the uncertainty of love elsewhere. If we want to know who we are and then taste love in i Written therein are words that are pure and true. The world has not found out about it, neither has the devil. Everything mortals and immortals say about us outside of this word are lies. Love is first of all from within.

  4. I'm blessed by your words....Absolutely on point...Be blessed.


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