Some many weathers back, on a rainy spring
There you were, pretty face, stressing
Working hard to keep me around
You sat there, sung there, watched my infancy sprout
You prayed hard on nights you alone felt my temperature booming out of steadiness
You love me, and want me to be better, better than anything you were
You groomed me, trained me, taught me
Never wanted me to make mistakes
You are Mother, you are nurture
An embodiment of joy, a strong pillar of purpose
Right behind me you are, strengthening in right, encouraging in wrong
Your breast my blessing, your womb my purpose
An Angel without wings you are
Having the best solution yet to every rowdy quest
My Mother, even twice a mother
Unconditioned Love has made you super-mother
Your words in me, your step I tread, your Love I live
I hope in the complexity of my mind
You see the simplicity of my appreciation
For choosing to give me life and a chance in a world as this.
I and many others celebrate you "MOTHER"


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