Last night at work, I had the pleasure of listening to Patty, who is now sixty years of age, talk about her life as a kid. She had mentioned how her eldest sister's been married for 50 years, while she was only ten. She sadly speculated how she was carried down the aisle because she couldn't walk. I beckoned on her with a smile on my face, but utmostly thankful to God. The thing about Patty is that she knows she'll be on that wheelchair for the rest of her days on earth, but was more concerned about her sisters that have become sole enemies because of something as little as a BB Gun as she calls it. While I was trying to figure that out, she lashed out "I'M SAD", my sisters have become enemies and I'm in between, though I'm the baby of the family. It aroused my spirit that this beautiful soul was concerned about forgiveness.
 It only takes a mussel to trespass against anyone. Trespass is an unlawful invasion of personal space or territory. Anyone can trespass by intruding in someone else's affair or speaking ill of others. I'm sure with no doubt we fall into this category either purposeful or unknowingly criticizing people in our hearts. In the Lord's prayer, Jesus specifically points out "Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us". As it is, Trespass can be bogus or not seen at all, and either you understand it or not, the important instruction is to forgive all in order to obtain forgiveness from God.
 To forgive a trespass is a process that hurts more than the hurt. The transition from trespass to forgive, takes a sound spiritual process. No one can forgive with their emotions. All you hear is I've forgiven but I can't forget. Your mind will remind you of the hurt and put you right back in the place of trespass. Any trespass that is left alone and allowed to go on for so long, will let you become an enemy of someone dear to you, just like Patty's sisters.
 I reach out to people struggling to let that hurt, bitterness and trespass go. And even to those that have resulted into becoming their own worst enemies, condemned and refused to forgive themselves. Allow trespass to turn to Forgiveness daily. It's a process of Healing, when you get a bruise physically, you expect to heal and not decay. If we all truly want God's forgiveness, move from Trespass to Forgive



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