Ye have the Love of God in thy heart
And ye groom perversion of thy soul to hades!
Listen oh! Generation of the wicked
Ye cannot experience the fullness of God,
His Glory is far from thee
Thine mind, so clouded with folly
Refusing to refrain from thy pride
The Truth is the Truth, not to be tested
God is God not to be withstood
Great in judgement, meek in Love
Why hast thou allowed thy soul to stray thither
Thine mind corrupt, lips sealed with evil,
And thy generation perverse
Art thou blind to thine own puking scent?

Worship the Lord, not your failing heart
Remember ye not how the savior was brought to face the mirror of supremacy
How He refused to Glory in the flesh, and the prowess of folly?
Choose wisely in thine heart, ye that are chosen of HIM
Be not burned in the curse of they that hate HIM
Be not joined in the failure and deceit of lucifer
He calls to thee with Love,
He that hath ears, let him hear the spirit.


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