Thursday, April 30, 2015


Hello lovers, 

Over the years of starting this blog and penning my heart out; some of you can tell that I’m a lover, some may call me an hopeless romantic, ya-di ya-di ya-da…
Well, beyond all that I am a sweet passionate lover of God and I desire that people understand how important His love is, to have a balanced life. So, with all that introduction, I hope you’re ready to read with me some useful insights to genuine love and what it’s not.

When we love the Lord passionately with all our heart, mind and soul, only then can He teach us how to love ourselves and others ideally.
Many people and marriages are either in love with the idea of love or love the way they know how to. God's love is simply obedience. "If you love me, you will obey my voice." In His Love, He teaches us to shut everything out and follow His voice, statutes and to discover all that He has planned for His lover (you). I mean, it is bad enough that we have distractions all over the place, but the worse is to try to figure out the Love of God with our frail emotions, affections and intellect. Many institutions have failed woefully at this, because only God Himself is great at this.

My very own best friend and lover, said only, whole + whole = whole; not half whole + whole, or half + half = whole. I know there's math going on there, but think about it. This is very, accurately precise at this time folks! A lot of people think marriage will fix them or another person will. That Marriage will only end up drained out, or the other person burned out trying to fix the reason for the "half whole" problems. 

When we love the Lord passionately with all our heart, mind and soul, only then can He teach us how to love ourselves and others ideally.

I, myself was pondering on the word: "In the last days, people shall be lovers of themselves rather than the lover of God" (2 Timothy 3:2). I thought; "God wanted us to love others as ourselves," but excuse me, that will be after you have truly learned to Love Him and not yourself. The very first law is to love Him with your soul and everything. You're so consumed in that love, you forget you exist, not minding me, myself and I. Then only can you love another truly. 
I am also not speaking about the "possessive dependence" on another, or "obsessive conceited behavior." I have carefully picked out those two scenarios, because that is what I see today. The first one, is the idea of loving another such that you cannot exist without them. That is a lie from the pit of hell. That is pure evil and if there is anyone living that lie, I sincerely pray that you be delivered. God has not called us to such. The only person you can't live without should be God. God pairs us with another because the focus should already be on Him before pairing. A man and woman that love and depend on God's love, can adequately love one another in harmony. The second one, is the very destructive, selfish type of love, the one that considers nothing but itself. Many people are sad, depressed and lost when they do not repent from this kind of self obsession. 
Wherever you are, just take a moment to think about where you are, in God, in relationship, in marriage, in purpose. You might just be broken enough to be fixed, if you genuinely repent and ask Him for help. He says: "ask and you shall receive."

Prayer: Lord, touch my heart to love you like no other and like never before. Deliver me from evil and let me not slip away from your presence. Let me be so consumed by your love, because only then can I love myself and others truly. Amen.

Friday, February 27, 2015


In all my growing years, I am beginning to come face to face with some of God's ways and though some of these were rained on us at Church and though I read these truths over and over myself, they just seemed not to make sense until I started experiencing the true Life in Christ.
Since I am graciously snowed in for the day, I picked my pen to share some depths I have been receiving lately. Sometimes, we pray for things we think we deserve, but, if we are not ready for these things, there is no right away receipt. If we carefully observe as we mature in wisdom, most prayers are often answered. Also, there are things we don't directly pray for, maybe in a subconscious state, that get answered. 
For instance, when we pray to be used of God or to be a broken vessel; let me just say it is one of the strongest prayers one could say, but know that it will happen. There are many other spirit-led prayers that are said often and in a process of time will manifest. These manifestations will become humanly unacceptable, uncomfortable or even impossible, but I tell you, this is when Christ comes alive. No wonder the just shall live by faith, and only by faith can you please God.
Until we are broken at our strongest, we are not completely fit to be vessels of honor. Our strongest point will always contend with God's Glory and so many people struggle to let go.
Let me just say serving and worshipping in Church does not make you a fit vessel in the Kingdom. For so many years, as a young girl who had so much zeal and passion for God, all I ever knew was to serve in God's house. I was constantly told to surrender and it didn't make any sense each time that word came. I was doing everything humanly possible to please God, so how else could I surrender? God's ways are not Man's! I will only say that once because as it is, some of us might be seeing that for the umpteenth time, but do we really know His ways?

"Until we are broken at our strongest, we are not completely fit to be vessels of honor."

Like many that are reading now, I had my life planned out without God, though, I thought He was in it. I practically chose everything for myself, from the career to the husband and the kind of home I wanted
Now I look back at how foolish that was and I was busy serving without surrendering, I feel awfully sorry. You know yours might not be the things I struggled with, it might be something else. Most times it is what we hold so dearly to our hearts that God wants. Think about our Father Abraham, I commend his trust in God. Being able to let go of your treasure is the height of faith and surrender I'm penning to you about. My beautiful adventure is being able to experience Christ for myself and also fellowship with God's people in truth. And like most prophets of old, they either stumbled on God or God stumbled on them, but they knew Him by quality standard of trust and surrender. 
Like Peter did after that sea-side experience, I'm sure you would too if you caught all that fish in one day. 
Nonetheless, maybe like me, you hear the word surrender and you think you get it or you don't. Maybe someday you will or maybe it might take being broken at your perfect strength to totally rely on the power of God. The only reason I am proud to write this is because God is my perfect crown and without Him I am perfectly helpless. It took Him withholding what gave me strength to see how helpless I am and how much I need Him. 
I say a prayer for you today that you will find Grace to let go of whatever stands in the way of your beautiful surrender. 
God is always waiting!

Live, Love, Laugh

Friday, February 13, 2015


Like a dream, you do take away the pain of a sorry love
With each day do you carefully count the wrong away
I'm in awe as you subtly rid me off my breathing breath
You smile, you hope, you wait for this heart gently


Then one night as I sorely cried myself to pray
Did your warm hand extend the finest of ododo
It was yet a remembrance of who I once was
Its fragrance knocked me off my angry balance


The touch of how you woo me is now forever still
Day to day, year to year, renewing a power bound love
Inhaling the myrrh of each finely crafted lover's flower
Even dreams capture the scent of it to my reality


I am your ododo, and you the love that blossoms me to smile
Like the seasons we are bound to change from time to time
But this ododo certainly has the wild of a sycamore
Its bow of love divine will cast out fears of bloody past


Dearest of all fairest, on my heart you're carved to stay
You are now King to the Queen of our love's royalty
Love is love, from age to age, and I have become purer
Purely eternal to your fate and I am my lover's flower.

Happy Lover's day Lovers.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


My heart is full of gentle maybe
I softly rehearse the sound of it
Maybe he will turn and look at me
Maybe his gaze will cause a shift
My heart is a raging gong of music
The dillydally of a magical booze
How I dance merrily to its peak
Waiting for my soul's manful ooze
Do you see my body waltz round
Waiting to be saved by one's stop
One whose arms my heart is bound
Maybe tonight wishes mount to top
Maybe tonight he will curl up to side
Counting doting stars with held hands
Maybe the morning won't just slide
But feed us with dreamy live bands
Maybe just maybe this dream will be
What life plans does life plan to bring
Maybe life will oblige mine and maybe
He's right at my doorstep to freely ding!

Living with loads of Love and Laughter.