Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Charmers, crawlers, lookers,
Rogues, thugs, boys,
Mouth, money, bed,

All peruse in dimensions 
All knock on same door

Writers, scholars, burglars,
Stealers, stylers, stoppers,
Lovers, lusters, profilers

All have pieces of it
All desire it still

How then am I still whole in forever?
I am like the imperfection of the rainbow
Many seeming shades, without a steady end

Why my heart remains unworn in thorns
Believe me now, this heart wears tears
Somehow, it finds another state of matter

I am here now, found, alive, living
Tomorrow I know not, so I pen
I am a world of all to him

Love, heart, life,
Friend, kiss, hand,
Walk, live, laugh,

Take me, deep, this is me
Steadier to stead, lighter to light

Live, Love, Laugh