Saturday, May 25, 2013


Arise! sleeping strays, wake up to the cry of truth
Signs gradually possess the heart of mankind
Life seem like a nearing mirage of wars
Creating order in the midst of chaos
Many souls searching for life's many pride
Some, strong and daring; sell their very souls
They want you to heed to their cry of warning
You refuse to see through the eyes of the bearer

Fame, the game of the lofty, the price of evil
Money, wealth's redemption, the path of toil
The poor in their rage, reach for the sky
The rich; gullible, repressing their soul
Both blinded by the evitation of stance
The rich are poor, the poor are rich
How long before you stand and see?
How long till we weep bloody tears?

Do not say I am weak! Dare not say I am frail!
This is the pulsing climax of every soul
Loitering for a position of strength-hood
I have searched through highs of lows
If I have been lorded a soul to save
Where then is home in this world?
If you have one more breath to keep
Where is the solitary place for your soul?

Live, Love, Laugh