Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Your peace floods the rumbling of my foolishness
My folly has been louder than a useless trumpet
You have sat there in Glory, enduring my wicked heart
But still believing in my rescue
The darkness of the heart, how sacredly lofty it hooks
Pulls one away from the light

Lost within and without, perversion of thoughts
Touch lost, not connected with the soul of man

Let your peace calm this volcano rising worry
That engulfs these shores of my mind

This world has set its standards
And by its rubric said Ha ha.. Alas!

But I wait on you, in tears I cling, on my knees I cleave
Help me, for my salvation lurks with you

Let these invisible shackles be broken from me
For I tarry for this release, I tarry for this awakening
I long for my head lifted up before the darkness
I dare daily hang on to verses
Your word is pure light and sanctifies divinity
Hold me, fill me with light everlasting
I crave for thee, my strength.

Live, Love, Laugh

Monday, October 1, 2012


Oh! Soil of the race
Blessed is your grace
Oh! Land of the greens
Spread is your seed

Little then was your rise
But worth was the price
Applaud raid the hearts
As growth solely carves

Selfless innocence in beauty allure
Greater on my path shall I adore
Will and strength remains your guide
As swift as wind shall I faintly glide

Oh! Land of riches, where is thy bliss?
Come fill my bosom with your kiss
Oh! Precious one of the earth
In my heart remains your art.

Oh! The rosy dawn of the golden

How your fingers pride the risen
A confluence of nature's metals
Hold our bond with love's petals.

Happy Independence Celebration to Nigeria!

Live, Love, Laugh