Thursday, September 27, 2012


Caught up in this space of immersion
Breaths, colors, the beauty of descent
Been kicking against goads of coercion
Orientations, depths and passing present

I am born into this world, a girl child
My mind, volcanic with words in innocence
With every dreaming-dejavu, so mild
Taunting my leaps into fairing existence

Thus, recently observing the world's knowledge
Whether it be living reality or fatality, my guess
Many before carefully built boxes of niche with edge
Many more will stress their thoughts to press

Man holds his prestige, being religiously accurate
So lost in deeming himself preferably to another
I and my words watch like a starring associate
Unravelling the secrets of stones together.

Live, Love, Laugh

Monday, September 17, 2012


Dearest crown,
    Take a moment with me through these strides, seasonally flavored and gingered with a therapeutic spice of romance. Let your heart be glad for it found me at the span of teenage sprout. The joy of a growing girl, her fears were strengthened faith. I sat there dreaming of the tomorrow I tread towards closely. It is one I want so quickly to come. Even in pressed anticipation, I had blindly sought for you in between faces familiar. Each one too large to fit in our hollow space of Love. My heart is at at rest still; through the many angry grown up struggles this young heart encountered.

Today I bid you come, for my heart ripe to close in, my head still; ready to be adorned with your crown of love and purpose. My shoulder welded in strength to bear our world massive, my feet ready for this walk, so long and dusty. Every breath is one closer to that moment when my face will be forever flushed with blush-divine. Whispers in the wind bid me; wait! wait! Alas! The seal in place.

My heart's like a turtle dove, the innocence of its purity, unaware of its shelter, but makes a do with its finding. I proudly roar in affirmation, that my heart is lost in yours. I move as a whole yet separated by necessity. All the dealings of man in this world are futile, except his heart dare find a home within home.

At the very tip of my tongue; you reside as the touch of a song so soft, the very cuddle of a smile linger with me each embracing moment. Tis the taste of a Life so sweet to league with Love. Restless in rest, abiding in the present of tomorrow's future. 
This is the very first note!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Earth! Dear earth, I'm drained
drained by the choice in our loss
perfection spells peace and freedom
but our choice chose selfishly
lost in its blindness of greed

I sit yet I'm restlessly tamed
tamed by meticulous necessity
the beginning was bound in life
but violation crept steadily
and made a feast upon dust

If I cried the world to war
it won't fix the lost choice
lost is man in his world lost
we brood in the cost of choice
living the impact of imperfection

There is a reason my soul cries
for a home yonder within the heart
the tempest of a costly choice
still these choices I must make
till my eyes go dim to earth.

Live, Love, Laugh