Thursday, May 31, 2012


Dear lovers,
        It's been a while indeed since my pen kissed the journal and while seriously ruminating on the latest adventures in my life, I could not but just burst out in sweet praises coined with Joy. 
Lately, I realized that God had been stressing the word Patience upon me. Whoever knows me, would tell you I'm always on the fast lane, some have called me James Bond, rough driver, smooth operator and all kinds of speed calling names. I would never let you pass me on the free-way, No, not when I'm driving in that SUV... And you bet I had been driving for five years unseen by those radars. But on a fateful sunny day, here was this old cop who'd stopped me while driving a 99mph on a 65mph zone. At first, I felt I was okay because my record was clean, and I had nothing to worry about. Not until 3 minutes later when the same cop stopped me while speeding at a 85mph on the same zone. Then I was filled with rage and I noticed I got two tickets in a matter of 10 mins.
      All my clean record wiped out because of this cop, I'd thought. But I wasn't clean. I even had a legitimate reason for speeding, but I couldn't open my mouth to question God. I'd been guilty for breaking the law so many times, I wonder how long God had to watch me before it became a reality I was doing something unconsciously wrong. I know some of you would think that strike should've changed me right. Oh yes! but No....sometimes I still thought I was invisible.
      Another day, I drove about two hours to Pembroke from Cary, very smooth ride. After I'd made a quick stop at Walmart, the speed limit had changed from 45mph to 35mph without my knowledge. *Light rolling*, this handsome cop stopped me. In shock and also batting eyelashes, I'd told him I had no idea the speed changed...At this time I was literally praying and begging God, because I already had two tickets. God so good, all I got was a warning. Not withstanding, I was just shaking and slow driving like a snail. What shocked me the most was on my way back, I was over conscious and driving a 42mph on a 55mph speed limit and another cop stop stopped me. He said to me in his strong southern accent "Are you okay Baby?" I was so frustrated and asked what I'd done wrong...He said I was impeding traffic, I gave up...I said Lord, I get it, No speed, No more ever!
     Believe me, I even unconsciously drive speed limit because it was first a conscious effort and it became a habit. That trauma changed everything, in fact I patiently approach situations and people. I'm not saying I've quite figured it out, but I'm saying to you, there are situations that might seem rough right now in your life only because you're being broken. God might be trying to teach you that same fruit you'd be praying and longing for. Take a deep breath and ask yourself.... Maybe all you have to do is give up that old habit like I did. Give it up while it's yet easy. You definitely do not need to learn the hard way.
Maybe yours isn't speed but a big business proposal or yours is not being pro-active enough, Let this solely guide your thought:

You sow a thought, you reap an act
You sow an act, you reap a habit
You sow a habit, you reap a character
You sow a character, you reap a destiny.
    Do not give up on getting better every other chance of Life you get. His Grace is magnificently sufficient.

Live, Love, Laugh

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Happy you are my Jewel
Costly the pain was in your bowel
Joyfully you stuck it up
When you almost threw in the towel
To call it a day to end
There were those cheeks, chubby-ruddy
In deep dark scarlet
The hood of a woman, so deep
You held my face to the suck
Watched my infancy sprout

Beloved are you Oh! Mother
Secure I am in that heart precious
And when there's no tear left to shed
Your groan in prayer so harmonious
Rends Heavenly Blessings upon my being

Your beauty Oh! Mother, thy strength indeed
Like a teeth to the ferocious gum
So am I rooted to your loins
You've treaded carefully 
With arms open wide to all
Creating a path steady for the fruits of you
My heart bears your Love so hard
My mother's strength has become mine
I Love you Mom
Happy Mother's day...

Live, Love, Laugh

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


You know I sit here with eyes heavy and laden with sleep
Actually more of being embarrassed about the vulnerability of falling in depth
Bold and confident I was, even bolder with understanding I enter
My companion and best friend on a shouldered level
I gladly sing lyrics from the tablets of the heart
Your heart and Mine sync with dimensions unbeatable in delight of the Heaven-lies
Blessed I walk, Blessed I breathe, Blessed my name, because complete I finally am
Essence resides greatly in your abode, Mi amour
And life itself just found a beautiful meaning to it
Thoughts like this and even more awaits the morrow
And while you close the lids to rest
These verse sacred awaits the rising of your charm to behold it
Magical but living verses I thee pen to you
My dreams, Your Love has found my Love...
I Heart You.

Live, Love, Laugh