Monday, April 30, 2012


Come! and let us solemnly reason together
For potent power lies in the unity of One
The rescue of the potentially young
The wisdom of the virtually grey headed
The peace of our dwelling nations
Upon your dire wisdom depend

Come! inhabitants, Come! for the new birth still
Groan for the delivery of your tomorrow
My mind weak, but with yours stronger
The veil I pray be readily lifted
The shackles I long to remove like a warrior
A warrior of words in my woman strength
Fight not like one without reasoning
but as the bestowment of knowledge upon time
My thoughts on plate I wave
Your heart I hope to stir

Come! and to the rising of reasoning together
The future at your door knocks on Now!

Live, Love, Laugh

Friday, April 27, 2012


Slave to divine words my life I submit
The master of it, I cling and also admit
In richness of words my sleep I commit
The solitude unseen engulfs with permit

Slave to the mind history, a must avoid
For the perils of pain, nothing but void
Broken shapes do mould within cuboid
Be glad for after all afar from paranoid

Free you see, free you think, captured essence
Flee! Futile inflicted knowledge of Life's sense
Nothing but defiled in your delightful sentience
Slave to sin, dangerously a death sentence

What under the cloud beholds your spirit?
For mind infinitely genius are held explicit
Escape thus lie within your heart of conduit
Free but captured, the slave chide in pursuit.

Live, Love, Laugh.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Scribbled words, muffled tones
Empty many lies, the desire cones
Bed to rise, the bounty eve sets finer
So are the words of sweet Alaina

Worlds of decision on her shoulder rest
Purer and Clearer on her duty best
Her dove as serpent-wise must be
Thoughts of sweet Alaina shall be

Lost for the direction on sands of time
Parade of left-right for a piece of dime
Lost and unaware of the right of Light
Sweet Alaina weak in all her might

It is now morning and yet it is night
The pitch of black while tis very bright
Greatness of walls she must fade-watch
Absorb! sweet Alaina like delectable dutch

I, even I, and many like my sweet Alaina
Hysterically Yes! my neighbor Paulina
Silently long in this dear rhyming piece
To graze fervently the pasture of peace.

Live, Love, Laugh

Friday, April 13, 2012


In the midst of the dire sound
I yearn for an epidemic still
In the iota of the busy bound
I need a release of solitude till

Blood and thoughts within splatter
Without control, the scale splutter
Wind of bloom blow on a platter
Wish I capture like a skilled shutter

Anger almost peruse questions below
On a wonder if I'm right or wrong
Doubts lurk to take over on the low
Faith I must to fortify the throng

The world bears but ageless noise
But echoing answers wait in sound
I am continually stuck to make a choice
That my fruits may reap ground round.

Live, Love, Laugh

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Lord give me the Heart of David, the tender hearted warrior
The faith of Father Abraham, the meekness of mediating Moses
The resilience of tired Jabez, prayed despite Honor
The righteousness of Anointed Jesus, in my vessel purified.

And when my soul is weary from worry
Bestow on me the patience of Job
When my enemies crouch silently at my door
Do solemnly remember me,
Grant to me the forgiving spirit of Stephen

Lord bless me with Solomon's wealth of wisdom
The composition of a virtuous woman
Help me never to grow out of a learning heart
To remember that you constantly burn the bridges of PAST
Visit me with gifts of the Prophets, 
That I may discern the Heart of Future

Settle me forever in the alive Kingdom unseen
That these psalms may be a resonance keen.

Live, Love, Laugh

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I've been thinking, grossly mind thinking
Momentarily saying, almost always saying
Like Dido the singer beautifully sang
Today like a loud bell, it really rang

What if my life is for rent?
It isn't exactly mine to be bent
A living of distorting fine
Nothing exactly is truly mine

Back and forth is the race of man
Like the blade of an oscillating fan
My own very thoughts are spirit deep
Follows through in the presence of sleep

Nothing ever is radiantly permanent
Live life like a humble rental prominent
And after posing gallantly Angelic
Not to miss the abode of the Messianic.

Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.

Live, Love, Laugh

Monday, April 2, 2012


You and I do slander foolishly
I now heart weep fervently
For our very possessed vessel
To be a wholly cleansed vessel

You do ignorantly speak curse
You're constantly sealed in a purse
Causing your fruits to the fall
Like the gross taste of sour gall

The tongue, a fast express to death
Untamed and it cuts life's length
You mean to say this and then it's that
Unwise and it leads to a Nemesis, fat

Hush! is the word that keeps the balance
The noble Silence, your spirit in trance
Life's lesson in less words are learned
Keep yourself tamed, not to be damned.

Live, Love, Laugh