Friday, February 24, 2012


You and I know in this world
We're given such a short stay
Carelessly in deeds and word
We do endlessly somehow pay

The beauty of having a chance
Is through tears learn the strength
The reason for being a free lance
Is through hate feel love's length

Do not be an empty shadow turning
Whirling like a tornado but soon forgotten
Not a supposedly astronaut lost spacing
Reaching blurry stars, left floating

But let your soul, like a wind spin
Sometimes subtle but with essence strong
And at the end of the visit in this inn
You would have touched a soul with song.

                                                           Live, Laugh, Love

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Is nature not one of the magical embodiments of creation?
Nature with a breath, exhales beauty in the medley of space
Nature of every wild beast, to be governed by man
Nature of the first man was, accurate worship and blessed authority
Nature of sinful man is unruly,
Nags consequently when purpose doesn't pan out his way
That nature groans to subdue the weak nature of man
Aspires and thinks highly of itself more than it ought to
The nature that chooses not to seek its creator
What then is the clay without the potter?
It is but a useless mold of sand without form
Nature of a renewed man birthed,
Learns to gradually rid the sinful nature
Religion, self righteousness, The goodness of heart
One could wish this will overshadow that nature
Nature of God is Divine,
It overrides the shadow of past and path
The depth of worship in the newness of nature
It is the grand reason for living.


Saturday, February 4, 2012


Burn, burn in my heart
Deep down through the miles
Flowing right through my spine
Expensive sparkle from your light

Shine, shine like a star
Fine structure as an arc
Raging fury from your dust
Hazy sprinkle is thy glow

Fly high to the sky
Never meeting compromise
Paying all the magic fine
And let every feeling pry

Soothe, soothe with thy voice
Allure me oh! with your calm
Savoring only will you poise
Comfort breaking into love


Teach me to flow in the bellies of your love,
in the stream of your warmth
Teach me to flatter you,
till the masseter of cheeks bulge in red
Teach me to roll your eyes,
for I have solely become the lids upon them
Teach me to laugh with you,
that the echo thereof burrows to the sky
Teach me to say your name,
that every mention of it turns a subconscious tickle
Teach me to lay with you,
that every second we're apart, my presence is engrained in you
Teach me to pray with you,
that our voice as one can speed up answers from above
Teach me to walk with you,
that we may hold hands in solitary places
Teach me your language,
that at last we can converse in signs.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


 It's february, I thought to myself as I tried so hard to break a sweat at the gym. Hey, and don't think I'm trying hard to lose weight...Lol. Exercise is really good and healthy. It keeps every part functioning right,  especially the heart. Yea, so back to the gist.
 So, sometimes we pick up a new challenge just like I did today at the gym. I had told myself 30 minutes on that particular challenge, but I was shocked how tired I was, even at five minutes. I broke through, and got to ten increasingly and steadily. I hit twenty, and I just wanted to keep going. But, shockingly again, at around twenty and eight minutes, I realized I just wanted to, at that point give up and call it a day.I had lost taste, only because it was two minutes away.
 Some of us can already figure out where I'm going with this little illustration. However knowing is one thing, understanding enough to do, or carry it out, is another. We do not particularly remember to keep pushing no matter how tired and beat up we might get in the humbling situations of life.
 Some of us start out really great and energetic and in the process lose sight of the end point and the Love of many indeed wax cold. Some of us even give up when the situation is really just about to turn around. Some of us have actually lost faith in believing.
 Imagine if our humbling situations were timed. I can almost bet we all will buckle up, and fight it through like I did at the gym for 30 minutes. Our situations are timed, just like after the rain comes sunshine and rainbow.
I'm penning to encourage as many that have the understanding of that end point I was talking about, and for as many that do not yet believe that there is one. Guard your strength jealously, and don't give up, for the time is just at Hand! Treat it like it were now! Press, Push, even harder than you ever did.
 Hope everyone had a Jubilating January, because a Fantastic February is here!

Live, Laugh, Love