Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 What I have seen under the Heavens, Oppression of the poor, falsified religion of self, friends with daggers piercing each other's backs.
 What I have perceived with my mind on the earth, Brothers killing each other for selfish will, sisters not satisfied, wanting more at the expense of integrity.
 What is happening in our generation? People chasing peace with brooms of hate, multiplying the seed of wickedness without remorse. Nations rising fast against nations unsatisfied, feeding on flesh and blood for survival. Depression has become the protruding order in neighboring countries, while some wax only stronger in their vapor filled mind.
 Nothing does last forever, your riches are but rags, your peace will come crashing in pieces, only by the works of your hand.
 The Human mind is limited in what it can perceive except it be given you from above.
Mothers where are thou?
Mirrors of Honor show thy face!
The unborn generation do cry!
Can you not hear the moan of the fairly Just!
Love is to be lived, not only preached.
 Education is worthless without the thorough lesson of Esteeming others as yourself.
 Rebel not one another, Let your rebel be of hate, of oppression, of discrimination of tyrannical wickedness.
 Set the pace and make a difference! Generations pass at the tic of the clock, anticipating change that lies really within.
 Hear the cry of the weak! The songs of triumph on the Lips of the poor!
 Hear the drums of freedom! The dance of the free, praising for the release of their captivated mind!