Friday, January 20, 2012


Life is divinely beautiful
The call of it however duty full
Life is nothing but a breath
Pray you live it in satisfactory length

Life is a blast with magnitude
The trick of it is your attitude
Life is indeed just a vapor
Learn to live like it's your labor

Life on its bed sometimes bear thorn
Dare to pull the bull by its horn
Life disguises itself like a game
Capture its best with a silent tame

Life is like a flowing fountain by the brook
Many linger to make it, in the book
Life rolls like waves in a roaring deep
We all someday will dim our eyes in sleep.

Live, Laugh, Love

Monday, January 16, 2012


Like a pregnant woman painfully labors
In moans, awaiting the birth of relief
So does judgement crouch at your door
Corruption your master, Money your lover
Offsprings from your loins depreciate in character
Without purging of minds and the knowledge of Freedom
Fighting, Protest all gone to the wind and maybe soon forgotten
A Government of the wicked, A nation of rich oppressors 
With no conscience and a little bargain for the Common Man
My Pondering Message states;
Many more prominently wicked lived and died
Left nothing but a resounding pathetic name
The fruit of their loins now wander in shame
Trying hard to shadow the soiled fame
If you claim you have power, then it is however not potent enough
To rebuild or reinstate a peaceful powerful Foundation
The groaning of the helpless reaches the creator
Join hand in hand to hold the Fast
Though it might appear a little rough,
Stand fast, for those who endure till the end will be saved!
Judgement is soon visited on the wicked!

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
Martin Luther King, Jr.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 What I have seen under the Heavens, Oppression of the poor, falsified religion of self, friends with daggers piercing each other's backs.
 What I have perceived with my mind on the earth, Brothers killing each other for selfish will, sisters not satisfied, wanting more at the expense of integrity.
 What is happening in our generation? People chasing peace with brooms of hate, multiplying the seed of wickedness without remorse. Nations rising fast against nations unsatisfied, feeding on flesh and blood for survival. Depression has become the protruding order in neighboring countries, while some wax only stronger in their vapor filled mind.
 Nothing does last forever, your riches are but rags, your peace will come crashing in pieces, only by the works of your hand.
 The Human mind is limited in what it can perceive except it be given you from above.
Mothers where are thou?
Mirrors of Honor show thy face!
The unborn generation do cry!
Can you not hear the moan of the fairly Just!
Love is to be lived, not only preached.
 Education is worthless without the thorough lesson of Esteeming others as yourself.
 Rebel not one another, Let your rebel be of hate, of oppression, of discrimination of tyrannical wickedness.
 Set the pace and make a difference! Generations pass at the tic of the clock, anticipating change that lies really within.
 Hear the cry of the weak! The songs of triumph on the Lips of the poor!
 Hear the drums of freedom! The dance of the free, praising for the release of their captivated mind!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The run of Helter-skelter, I stutter
Where then is our solace and shelter
The cry of the future all lost together
Cutting short hopes of struggling mother

Disunity and discord display its wing
Even among finely nurtured still wanting
Smart minds are captured and slaving
Giving away to their frivolous raveling

Brace up your courage OH Land!
For as one we're rising in demand
Breaking barriers of self with purity of Hand
With One shot in Love, eradicate tyrannical band.



Dreadful is the crawl of a patient wait
The outcome always seem however late
All and sundry, somehow wrestle in haste
Forgetting to tarry and suddenly run out of date

Reality is mimicked by the false of fake
Anticipating wishes almost imagining the taste
Tempted with terrible figments, you fall the bait
Accepting soothing lullabies of fear-ing tales

But even the birds in season, learn the wait
And with flourishing chirps, gather the hay
Polluting the throng with this musical fate
Genuinely lyrical, you'll want to compensate

Come! doubtful man and review your fate
Late however in the book isn't the gate
Let your heart merry for answers in faith
The wait never falters, it's wisdom for gain.