Wednesday, December 12, 2012

PERFECTION: 12-12-12.

Every dire piece wrapped up in another puzzle
The mind derailed, now left to battle the hustle
Every nickel of perfection buried in another's imagery
Every step birth another step, 
Every leap ventured in faith release the scenery of the next

The blink of the eye, however steadied, cannot see beyond the walls of now
And I, even I had treaded unknowingly the thin lines of imaginary moments
I stand as partition between the mirror of past and future
Capturing motion moments like fireflies
Wishing for nothing but words plastered on the boards of galaxies shadowing earth

The future of perfection stands observable with shrills of captivating myths
The circle of perfection of twelve upon twelve upon twelve completed
Right in the heart of it, living the numbers away
Waiting for the wind of courage to blow to the next cycle

My face lights up at the sound of the awakening 
My hand stretches further to the souls knitted to mine
My feet walks a step closer to the perfection of Love
My heart slowly beats one day nearer to the perfection of yonder.


Live, Love, Laugh

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The sound of a 'Oh no' in the space of heart's know
You say it's I, I see the isle, still long on high
I intend to run, you and you on my heel's bow
The longevity of aches cringe my heart to sigh

Then I in tears sneak within hate's laugh
Caught up in tons of thorns with no turn
No soul to gear me out of it's ill laugh
My heart continually wallow in burn

Tis the right of time to feel, yet so gruesome
The very strength in me fizzle out to none
I stoop to walk on the horizon of awesome
My energy but faints, my heart is numb

Gratitude in times found its way to my lips
Unexpected is its satiable endearing aroma
Grateful for the dimensions of love's dips
I pray dearly my soul ceases from dilemma 

I will encourage everyone during this thankful season, to remain fighters. We're survivors of many circumstances of life, it will be sad for you to give up when the journey has only just begun. Be grateful for it, and peace will pervade thoughts. I speak Peace to all my readers....Bless.

Live, Love, Laugh

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Your peace floods the rumbling of my foolishness
My folly has been louder than a useless trumpet
You have sat there in Glory, enduring my wicked heart
But still believing in my rescue
The darkness of the heart, how sacredly lofty it hooks
Pulls one away from the light

Lost within and without, perversion of thoughts
Touch lost, not connected with the soul of man

Let your peace calm this volcano rising worry
That engulfs these shores of my mind

This world has set its standards
And by its rubric said Ha ha.. Alas!

But I wait on you, in tears I cling, on my knees I cleave
Help me, for my salvation lurks with you

Let these invisible shackles be broken from me
For I tarry for this release, I tarry for this awakening
I long for my head lifted up before the darkness
I dare daily hang on to verses
Your word is pure light and sanctifies divinity
Hold me, fill me with light everlasting
I crave for thee, my strength.

Live, Love, Laugh

Monday, October 1, 2012


Oh! Soil of the race
Blessed is your grace
Oh! Land of the greens
Spread is your seed

Little then was your rise
But worth was the price
Applaud raid the hearts
As growth solely carves

Selfless innocence in beauty allure
Greater on my path shall I adore
Will and strength remains your guide
As swift as wind shall I faintly glide

Oh! Land of riches, where is thy bliss?
Come fill my bosom with your kiss
Oh! Precious one of the earth
In my heart remains your art.

Oh! The rosy dawn of the golden

How your fingers pride the risen
A confluence of nature's metals
Hold our bond with love's petals.

Happy Independence Celebration to Nigeria!

Live, Love, Laugh

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Caught up in this space of immersion
Breaths, colors, the beauty of descent
Been kicking against goads of coercion
Orientations, depths and passing present

I am born into this world, a girl child
My mind, volcanic with words in innocence
With every dreaming-dejavu, so mild
Taunting my leaps into fairing existence

Thus, recently observing the world's knowledge
Whether it be living reality or fatality, my guess
Many before carefully built boxes of niche with edge
Many more will stress their thoughts to press

Man holds his prestige, being religiously accurate
So lost in deeming himself preferably to another
I and my words watch like a starring associate
Unravelling the secrets of stones together.

Live, Love, Laugh

Monday, September 17, 2012


Dearest crown,
    Take a moment with me through these strides, seasonally flavored and gingered with a therapeutic spice of romance. Let your heart be glad for it found me at the span of teenage sprout. The joy of a growing girl, her fears were strengthened faith. I sat there dreaming of the tomorrow I tread towards closely. It is one I want so quickly to come. Even in pressed anticipation, I had blindly sought for you in between faces familiar. Each one too large to fit in our hollow space of Love. My heart is at at rest still; through the many angry grown up struggles this young heart encountered.

Today I bid you come, for my heart ripe to close in, my head still; ready to be adorned with your crown of love and purpose. My shoulder welded in strength to bear our world massive, my feet ready for this walk, so long and dusty. Every breath is one closer to that moment when my face will be forever flushed with blush-divine. Whispers in the wind bid me; wait! wait! Alas! The seal in place.

My heart's like a turtle dove, the innocence of its purity, unaware of its shelter, but makes a do with its finding. I proudly roar in affirmation, that my heart is lost in yours. I move as a whole yet separated by necessity. All the dealings of man in this world are futile, except his heart dare find a home within home.

At the very tip of my tongue; you reside as the touch of a song so soft, the very cuddle of a smile linger with me each embracing moment. Tis the taste of a Life so sweet to league with Love. Restless in rest, abiding in the present of tomorrow's future. 
This is the very first note!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Earth! Dear earth, I'm drained
drained by the choice in our loss
perfection spells peace and freedom
but our choice chose selfishly
lost in its blindness of greed

I sit yet I'm restlessly tamed
tamed by meticulous necessity
the beginning was bound in life
but violation crept steadily
and made a feast upon dust

If I cried the world to war
it won't fix the lost choice
lost is man in his world lost
we brood in the cost of choice
living the impact of imperfection

There is a reason my soul cries
for a home yonder within the heart
the tempest of a costly choice
still these choices I must make
till my eyes go dim to earth.

Live, Love, Laugh

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Manny and I, stood there grimacing at the mess he had wound up on the table. I'm sure he panicked if it was time for one of those spanks he got for doing wrong or not listening to mommy. I can bet you, he had no idea it was a mess. Little children are such Graceful beings, with innocence as pure light, makes you want to plant a kiss that's big enough to swallow their faces, and just hide them securely in your Love.
In a couple of seconds, I got my cleaning stuff. First I soaked the table with a wet cloth, as some of the mess had started to dry. It would take few minutes to soak, and then remove it. My little chap became more interested and asked for a piece of wipe to clean as well. We cleaned joyfully together and soon enough the mess became wellness, and in fact looked like there was never a mess.

I have come to love and obey the Spirits that enshroud penning. It's like a sweet raving wind that blows the heart with a tingling fragrance. I have chosen without choice to follow its sweet spirits in obeisance. I know not who I pen this to, but I know how much I have learned from these notes of mine.
Life's lesson, is that we are the results of choices made at different points in time. Some we're well satisfied with, some knock us off equilibrium.

Can I punch in that most of the uncomfortable situations and challenges make the most amazing stories. Most of the stories we now read from the past, were actual life challenges that these great legends experienced, and I'm sure most of them struggled with appreciating these challenges at the time. William Shakespeare said, "It is not in the Stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves." That in itself could mean a billion and one things, but it shows how much our destiny is within our inner force to drive this route. The story we tell with our lives in this world must poise a lesson, somehow it must.

If you're caught up in a mess, be rest assured, God is always willing to help you with the clean-up process, like I did with Manny. It doesn't matter how many times you mess up, He fixes it and makes a story anyhow. I don't get tired of fixing my Manny's mess, so imagine the creator. Some of the processes will hurt you, sting you and bring you to your knees. Our emotions, especially tears, would be worked out, but understand that you do not yet see the outcome or the future of it. God sees the story it will tell and He works you through the clean-up process.

Many also, do not realize how much mess we're in, because we're too lost in our deception of object of truth. It will take constant evaluation of the inner self to be aware of your present state of mess, and if you allow God, He can show you where to begin. In all of these things, remember that tough times never last, they only do unique things to our destiny, and make us the greatest story tellers of Life.

Life is a story, be its author, Life is a playground, be its swing.

Live, Love, Laugh

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I am a single parent, in fact I have been one for over year now, and yea, don't give me that look. I tend to figure out what everyone thinks in their head. In fact, I get a little uncomfortable when divorce is being preached. I feel like God my life is such mess, but thanks to God for His sweet Spirit, who reminds me how special I am to have Jesus.
I am not a Pastor's daughter, but I do love the Lord dearly, that my entire time and Life has been projected towards ministry.
Many people thought and maybe still think the worst thing had happened to me, and some just wonder in silence "Awww, what happened to her? She's so young." I can almost sniff your thoughts like the breath you breathe through your nostrils. I wonder how people hang their problems in their closets and literally try to help you by talking about yours without proffering solutions. That's just my own thought. At least I look out for all my little sisters around the world by being honest about how tough life can be, but we're winners.
Church folks are the most amazing people on the planet, some act like they don't know, some just act like they care by asking, just for informative purposes, you can raise your hand to plead objection if you read anything contrary, and some just don't like you at all, and oh no you didn't offend them.


I have not come to attack, Oh not at all, just expressing something important that might challenge a heart to change. Last night, at Bible study, we touched on Holiness and I had put my two cents, stating that we are Adamic by nature. No one is perfect, if you think otherwise, I'd really love to meet you. Really let's face it, many people have different reasons for choosing to go to church. All my years, I have concluded that MAN is wicked, really gross, ignorant, selfish, proud and filthy. That nature is worse than being animalistic. So when next you pick the Bible and hurry down to church, please do clarify within, the reason you're so into church. It won't be too much fun to be denied by the groom of the church, would it? If it has become a Sunday tradition, a ministerial responsibility, talent usage, or a show of your lovely outfit...."ERROR!" We can do these things without hiding under the umbrella of religion. Most of us, get an esteem boost by being called Christians, but we deny the power thereof, we think ourselves better than those that freely admit to be filthy. Come to church to express worship!

Self righteousness, a blatant Adamic nature is ruling many christians. Holiness is being mistaken for obeying the ten commandments. There are many Pastors today than there ever was, but I wonder what generation of believers we're raising together. Our Pastors preach that we must be Holy, without actually walking us through it practically. Sister churches hold grudges and expect members not to follow suit. Competition is the next order for our churches..."Mine is bigger and better." Why can't we admit that we're selfish and jealous, so we can be offered up in prayer, and the Lord would gladly change us, but no, your reputation ought to be protected on the outside, but your resume is filthy before God.
Aren't we the reason why many people think Christianity is impossible, we lie to ourselves that we have suddenly overcome that strong adamic nature, which paul said humbly in Philippians 3:12-16

12 Not that I have now attained [this ideal], or have already been made perfect, but I press on to lay hold of (grasp) and make my own, that for which Christ Jesus (the Messiah) has laid hold of me and made me His own.13 I do not consider, brethren, that I have captured and made it my own [yet]; but one thing I do [it is my one aspiration]: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead,14 I press on toward the goal to win the [supreme and heavenly] prize to which God in Christ Jesus is calling us upward.15 So let those [of us] who are spiritually mature and full-grown have this mind and hold these convictions; and if in any respect you have a different attitude of mind, God will make that clear to you also.16 Only let us hold true to what we have already attained and walk and order our lives by that.

It is only wise to hold on to one's calling. When you've made up your mind to be gradually transformed unto salvation, and you're walking with the same mind with your neighbor, it will be difficult for the enemy to penetrate the church. Next time before your mind works wonders about the person next to you, remember how filthy you are and we're all serious work in progress.How are you helping your neighbor Christian grow? Are you withholding important information that could help him/her? Are you even praying? Maybe you're a nag like I used to be and just putting up an attitude? Are you holding back from telling your Pastor how offended you felt when He preached? These things are normal but we can help each other grow by talking about them in Love.

There are so many people who clamor for a change, and in fact you crave to change the world. Remember that it begins with you. I'd rather spend time changing myself, because the effect of that would be, my world changed. Next time you try to evangelize by sharing a tract, ask yourself what exactly are you calling that person to. Are you a practical Loving Christian, Or you're just tagging along cos it makes you look good? Think while you still can, before it's too late.

It is okay to struggle with a sinful lifestyle, change is difficult enough, but it is easier when there's someone on my side cheering me to move on. I really do love you all!

Live, Love, Laugh

Sunday, June 3, 2012


A call to console
In this season of callous death
Hearts sink, soul lost in tears
Family divided, a unit torn apart
While some are forced to sobriety

A call to embrace
In a moment of deteriorative loss
Today, our hearts spellbound
Controversial in articulate expression
Emptiness sacredly consumes the mind

A call to Prayer
Oh! Passing patriots of time
For while our time is yet now
The trampling gates of ignorance
We must together put to Lock

A call to Sleep
an inevitable must for all
In the midst of our silent mourn
Let it bulge to you that,
We all must respond to the call to sleep.


Live, Love, Laugh

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Dear lovers,
        It's been a while indeed since my pen kissed the journal and while seriously ruminating on the latest adventures in my life, I could not but just burst out in sweet praises coined with Joy. 
Lately, I realized that God had been stressing the word Patience upon me. Whoever knows me, would tell you I'm always on the fast lane, some have called me James Bond, rough driver, smooth operator and all kinds of speed calling names. I would never let you pass me on the free-way, No, not when I'm driving in that SUV... And you bet I had been driving for five years unseen by those radars. But on a fateful sunny day, here was this old cop who'd stopped me while driving a 99mph on a 65mph zone. At first, I felt I was okay because my record was clean, and I had nothing to worry about. Not until 3 minutes later when the same cop stopped me while speeding at a 85mph on the same zone. Then I was filled with rage and I noticed I got two tickets in a matter of 10 mins.
      All my clean record wiped out because of this cop, I'd thought. But I wasn't clean. I even had a legitimate reason for speeding, but I couldn't open my mouth to question God. I'd been guilty for breaking the law so many times, I wonder how long God had to watch me before it became a reality I was doing something unconsciously wrong. I know some of you would think that strike should've changed me right. Oh yes! but No....sometimes I still thought I was invisible.
      Another day, I drove about two hours to Pembroke from Cary, very smooth ride. After I'd made a quick stop at Walmart, the speed limit had changed from 45mph to 35mph without my knowledge. *Light rolling*, this handsome cop stopped me. In shock and also batting eyelashes, I'd told him I had no idea the speed changed...At this time I was literally praying and begging God, because I already had two tickets. God so good, all I got was a warning. Not withstanding, I was just shaking and slow driving like a snail. What shocked me the most was on my way back, I was over conscious and driving a 42mph on a 55mph speed limit and another cop stop stopped me. He said to me in his strong southern accent "Are you okay Baby?" I was so frustrated and asked what I'd done wrong...He said I was impeding traffic, I gave up...I said Lord, I get it, No speed, No more ever!
     Believe me, I even unconsciously drive speed limit because it was first a conscious effort and it became a habit. That trauma changed everything, in fact I patiently approach situations and people. I'm not saying I've quite figured it out, but I'm saying to you, there are situations that might seem rough right now in your life only because you're being broken. God might be trying to teach you that same fruit you'd be praying and longing for. Take a deep breath and ask yourself.... Maybe all you have to do is give up that old habit like I did. Give it up while it's yet easy. You definitely do not need to learn the hard way.
Maybe yours isn't speed but a big business proposal or yours is not being pro-active enough, Let this solely guide your thought:

You sow a thought, you reap an act
You sow an act, you reap a habit
You sow a habit, you reap a character
You sow a character, you reap a destiny.
    Do not give up on getting better every other chance of Life you get. His Grace is magnificently sufficient.

Live, Love, Laugh

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Happy you are my Jewel
Costly the pain was in your bowel
Joyfully you stuck it up
When you almost threw in the towel
To call it a day to end
There were those cheeks, chubby-ruddy
In deep dark scarlet
The hood of a woman, so deep
You held my face to the suck
Watched my infancy sprout

Beloved are you Oh! Mother
Secure I am in that heart precious
And when there's no tear left to shed
Your groan in prayer so harmonious
Rends Heavenly Blessings upon my being

Your beauty Oh! Mother, thy strength indeed
Like a teeth to the ferocious gum
So am I rooted to your loins
You've treaded carefully 
With arms open wide to all
Creating a path steady for the fruits of you
My heart bears your Love so hard
My mother's strength has become mine
I Love you Mom
Happy Mother's day...

Live, Love, Laugh

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


You know I sit here with eyes heavy and laden with sleep
Actually more of being embarrassed about the vulnerability of falling in depth
Bold and confident I was, even bolder with understanding I enter
My companion and best friend on a shouldered level
I gladly sing lyrics from the tablets of the heart
Your heart and Mine sync with dimensions unbeatable in delight of the Heaven-lies
Blessed I walk, Blessed I breathe, Blessed my name, because complete I finally am
Essence resides greatly in your abode, Mi amour
And life itself just found a beautiful meaning to it
Thoughts like this and even more awaits the morrow
And while you close the lids to rest
These verse sacred awaits the rising of your charm to behold it
Magical but living verses I thee pen to you
My dreams, Your Love has found my Love...
I Heart You.

Live, Love, Laugh

Monday, April 30, 2012


Come! and let us solemnly reason together
For potent power lies in the unity of One
The rescue of the potentially young
The wisdom of the virtually grey headed
The peace of our dwelling nations
Upon your dire wisdom depend

Come! inhabitants, Come! for the new birth still
Groan for the delivery of your tomorrow
My mind weak, but with yours stronger
The veil I pray be readily lifted
The shackles I long to remove like a warrior
A warrior of words in my woman strength
Fight not like one without reasoning
but as the bestowment of knowledge upon time
My thoughts on plate I wave
Your heart I hope to stir

Come! and to the rising of reasoning together
The future at your door knocks on Now!

Live, Love, Laugh

Friday, April 27, 2012


Slave to divine words my life I submit
The master of it, I cling and also admit
In richness of words my sleep I commit
The solitude unseen engulfs with permit

Slave to the mind history, a must avoid
For the perils of pain, nothing but void
Broken shapes do mould within cuboid
Be glad for after all afar from paranoid

Free you see, free you think, captured essence
Flee! Futile inflicted knowledge of Life's sense
Nothing but defiled in your delightful sentience
Slave to sin, dangerously a death sentence

What under the cloud beholds your spirit?
For mind infinitely genius are held explicit
Escape thus lie within your heart of conduit
Free but captured, the slave chide in pursuit.

Live, Love, Laugh.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Scribbled words, muffled tones
Empty many lies, the desire cones
Bed to rise, the bounty eve sets finer
So are the words of sweet Alaina

Worlds of decision on her shoulder rest
Purer and Clearer on her duty best
Her dove as serpent-wise must be
Thoughts of sweet Alaina shall be

Lost for the direction on sands of time
Parade of left-right for a piece of dime
Lost and unaware of the right of Light
Sweet Alaina weak in all her might

It is now morning and yet it is night
The pitch of black while tis very bright
Greatness of walls she must fade-watch
Absorb! sweet Alaina like delectable dutch

I, even I, and many like my sweet Alaina
Hysterically Yes! my neighbor Paulina
Silently long in this dear rhyming piece
To graze fervently the pasture of peace.

Live, Love, Laugh

Friday, April 13, 2012


In the midst of the dire sound
I yearn for an epidemic still
In the iota of the busy bound
I need a release of solitude till

Blood and thoughts within splatter
Without control, the scale splutter
Wind of bloom blow on a platter
Wish I capture like a skilled shutter

Anger almost peruse questions below
On a wonder if I'm right or wrong
Doubts lurk to take over on the low
Faith I must to fortify the throng

The world bears but ageless noise
But echoing answers wait in sound
I am continually stuck to make a choice
That my fruits may reap ground round.

Live, Love, Laugh

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Lord give me the Heart of David, the tender hearted warrior
The faith of Father Abraham, the meekness of mediating Moses
The resilience of tired Jabez, prayed despite Honor
The righteousness of Anointed Jesus, in my vessel purified.

And when my soul is weary from worry
Bestow on me the patience of Job
When my enemies crouch silently at my door
Do solemnly remember me,
Grant to me the forgiving spirit of Stephen

Lord bless me with Solomon's wealth of wisdom
The composition of a virtuous woman
Help me never to grow out of a learning heart
To remember that you constantly burn the bridges of PAST
Visit me with gifts of the Prophets, 
That I may discern the Heart of Future

Settle me forever in the alive Kingdom unseen
That these psalms may be a resonance keen.

Live, Love, Laugh

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I've been thinking, grossly mind thinking
Momentarily saying, almost always saying
Like Dido the singer beautifully sang
Today like a loud bell, it really rang

What if my life is for rent?
It isn't exactly mine to be bent
A living of distorting fine
Nothing exactly is truly mine

Back and forth is the race of man
Like the blade of an oscillating fan
My own very thoughts are spirit deep
Follows through in the presence of sleep

Nothing ever is radiantly permanent
Live life like a humble rental prominent
And after posing gallantly Angelic
Not to miss the abode of the Messianic.

Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.

Live, Love, Laugh

Monday, April 2, 2012


You and I do slander foolishly
I now heart weep fervently
For our very possessed vessel
To be a wholly cleansed vessel

You do ignorantly speak curse
You're constantly sealed in a purse
Causing your fruits to the fall
Like the gross taste of sour gall

The tongue, a fast express to death
Untamed and it cuts life's length
You mean to say this and then it's that
Unwise and it leads to a Nemesis, fat

Hush! is the word that keeps the balance
The noble Silence, your spirit in trance
Life's lesson in less words are learned
Keep yourself tamed, not to be damned.

Live, Love, Laugh

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Confused, diffused, mixed, so many are
You look me closely in the eye to ask
Answers I can, some I had to earn
Like the many proverbs of King Solomon
Some have read, digested and still wander
Little glimmer of light in hands, you're happy
By dawn it's out and it goes yonder to dim
Either by choice or not, you're forced to accept
One day in time, Flash! One minute, out of it

Who and Where's the Just?
Some clamor for justice
While some wallow otherwise
Peace somehow eludes the people
Only the Potter knows the Clay

The world however complete
I bump into you, and you into another
We're constantly after comforting answers
Manly Love, Power and Wealth
Life spent, searching after death
Eyes wide shut, many living dead
These are the lessons for the mortals

It takes a deeper and lengthy box
To contain the Rest of divinity
Where Eternity becomes reality
And Immortality transcends the physical.

Live, Love, Laugh

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Questions shallow but constantly burrow
Change I dread, but the adventure like arrow
Been long lost in the depth of my sorrow
Many fulfilling happiness I tried to borrow

My heart is dead still, shocked, unmoved
Blood streams of emotion long done removed
Painful and weary, my kindness all used
Accustomed to agony and heart confused

I'm down, deeply down and I ask
Why then do I struggle with this task?
The truth of  affection behind mask
Prints I see, like on a confetti damask

My innocence knew nothing, felt something
Sharper than a dagger, the thrust left haunting
Pure naivety misplaced in hands of beast hunting
I cry yonder for release of mind hurting

I'm lost, darkly lost and I secretly hope
That I be found by Grace to really cope
Light I crave to calmly walk this rope
And this pain erase and forever elope.

Live, Love, Laugh

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We are on this rocking romance
The cradle to adore by chance
Our love on perfection you'll paint
The story by the brush almost faint
I will soul sing, you will hear
Rhyme the lines, call you dear
You will heart write, I will dream
Reach the stars in Heavenly beam
Soulful are the words that bind
I to you, it's one of a kind
Pain to past, future here too real
Divine we are, the act to seal
The passion, you smile, I glance
Effect of warmth calmly balance
Your lips on mine, keys to kiss
Graphic design, dare not miss
Depth lies within the iris of eye
Light illumines the darkest of dye
Rainbow colors on promise offering
Colors gather to replace suffering.

This is dedicated to all the lovers out there
Appreciate the one you care about.
Give your love a fresh start and live the future
Send sentiments packing and remember Love is selfless.
Live, Love, Laugh


Saturday, March 10, 2012


Ole of love, that's what you are
I fight so weakly hard to keep far
Ole of love, the love steal
My breaths I count, rhythm to keep
Serenity of the alone are kept still
Thoughts pervade the temple of mind
The steal with style clamps the heart
In a romantic rage and out goes caution

Ole of love, in dreams I see
Bountiful realism I dearly need
Ole of love, my love's steal
Circling the earth, I gladly will
Till my bosom with peace's fill.

Inspiration comes not from the East nor West, but from the Origin and Maker of the poles and the world.
Live, Love, Laugh

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


You disgust me, you disgust me
Your soul like a wounded lion groan
You indeed cry your lungs out to me
Your heart like a cruel panther moan

Have you beheld the Glory of the cloud?
As the stars gently settle on its beam
Flight too close to the sun makes you loud
Your voice so gets lost in its scream

Pray! Oh dear one, not to gaggle
At your tongue unbridled murdering
Many Angels try to fight your battle
But unawares, you've left them wandering

Who then is your Anointed prophet?
Is it the very me, or is it really you?
Would you listen if I had a trumpet?
Or have you in pride put me beneath you?

Let your testimony in esteem always be
In part I know, your part you'll play
Your neighbor, a prophet you might not see
Let demeanor with caution not come to decay.

“A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.” Mark 6:4.
Your next door neighbor might be your angel..tread carefully.

Live, Love, Laugh

Friday, February 24, 2012


You and I know in this world
We're given such a short stay
Carelessly in deeds and word
We do endlessly somehow pay

The beauty of having a chance
Is through tears learn the strength
The reason for being a free lance
Is through hate feel love's length

Do not be an empty shadow turning
Whirling like a tornado but soon forgotten
Not a supposedly astronaut lost spacing
Reaching blurry stars, left floating

But let your soul, like a wind spin
Sometimes subtle but with essence strong
And at the end of the visit in this inn
You would have touched a soul with song.

                                                           Live, Laugh, Love

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Is nature not one of the magical embodiments of creation?
Nature with a breath, exhales beauty in the medley of space
Nature of every wild beast, to be governed by man
Nature of the first man was, accurate worship and blessed authority
Nature of sinful man is unruly,
Nags consequently when purpose doesn't pan out his way
That nature groans to subdue the weak nature of man
Aspires and thinks highly of itself more than it ought to
The nature that chooses not to seek its creator
What then is the clay without the potter?
It is but a useless mold of sand without form
Nature of a renewed man birthed,
Learns to gradually rid the sinful nature
Religion, self righteousness, The goodness of heart
One could wish this will overshadow that nature
Nature of God is Divine,
It overrides the shadow of past and path
The depth of worship in the newness of nature
It is the grand reason for living.


Saturday, February 4, 2012


Burn, burn in my heart
Deep down through the miles
Flowing right through my spine
Expensive sparkle from your light

Shine, shine like a star
Fine structure as an arc
Raging fury from your dust
Hazy sprinkle is thy glow

Fly high to the sky
Never meeting compromise
Paying all the magic fine
And let every feeling pry

Soothe, soothe with thy voice
Allure me oh! with your calm
Savoring only will you poise
Comfort breaking into love


Teach me to flow in the bellies of your love,
in the stream of your warmth
Teach me to flatter you,
till the masseter of cheeks bulge in red
Teach me to roll your eyes,
for I have solely become the lids upon them
Teach me to laugh with you,
that the echo thereof burrows to the sky
Teach me to say your name,
that every mention of it turns a subconscious tickle
Teach me to lay with you,
that every second we're apart, my presence is engrained in you
Teach me to pray with you,
that our voice as one can speed up answers from above
Teach me to walk with you,
that we may hold hands in solitary places
Teach me your language,
that at last we can converse in signs.