Tuesday, July 26, 2011


In reverie my heart playfully was
Bizarre with thoughts of aging cause
Bearing poles of light and direction
Naivety of mind in need of protection

Cupid with it's raging arrow
Upon my venus riding shadow
Tagged with a breezy sweet, gentle
Rising diligence in love as subtle

Fusing the subconscious of souls crystal
Beyond the magnitude of space so distal
Borne to perfection in pleasant dexterity
Home of affection built in famous charity

Like wild-horses we'll jump and break free
Running races without caution on Braintree
You'll know deeply that in life's complexity
Is my heart's simplicity of loving you silly.

Live, Love, Laugh,

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Do I bless God I found you
Gently cool, the day was
Charming smile my face wore
Do I just bless God I met you
Pressing faith my heart moved
Around the loop my spirit stood
I dearly bless God I saw you
The essence of life feels brand new
Daringly close you have become
Like sleeves around me in galore
I will bless God I'll have you
When brass gates to me becomes plain
And my singing spirit charges claim
Do I bless God I found you
Hopes high up hopes
In admiration my spirit leads
For Agape abundance and Eros genuine.


Monday, July 11, 2011


Have you seen my Tasha shattered?
In her cluster of delusion battered?
She doth hope dearly around the burner
That her broken smile will mend sooner

Out of the road from me, vanity of vain
Remain at that distance from me, thou recurring pain
Stay away from me, Oh beguiled tent of lust
Be afar from my upholding earthly dust

Earnestly I charge thee away from me, shame
Your unhealthy savor like a wind lingering in fame
In ignorance do we submit like a lame
In time past were we blemished in your game

Seeing now beaming Light, Tasha and I sing
In the purity of soul we rise and gladly cling
In rightful wisdom, we'll give it all away
Away from me, my dutiful pledge on this pathway.


Monday, July 4, 2011


Ground to Glory, Now it's story
Measureless battles down the history
Supersonic heroes had the victory
On barren soil to build their territory

United we stand, thy logo from factory
However you danced to rhythms satisfactory
Thy solid mind bore instant inventory
Sorted freedom in tears not to tarry

Living legacy you're borne to carry
Two and Fifty chapters are penned in diary
At a fingertip in a very sunny July,
Generations vanish, but with memoirs sung fully

Greatness has become your lot constantly
Look deep to the supreme within wholly
That in dire need, your supply will flow bountifully
And your dynamic rise remain healthily bulky.