Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have come to realize that patience is not only a virtue, but a reward for allowing yourself be ridiculed and put down in nasty situations. Each time your flesh is being put under subjection, you reap the fruit of excelling patience. I have seen how fast paced the world has become, how lies are being expressed from down below, stripping people everyday of their peace. Eyes bulging, nose squinting, unable to wait, unable to find, and all we do is settle.
 A great man once said to me "The most beautiful things in Life were waited upon". I dare to say, it would be better if people just followed their will all the way, and not involve God at all, than to claim to follow God, and not learn HIS principles. God does not let go of HIS standards because of anyone. Very slow paced, sees the end from the beginning. If you then know that the end of a matter, is better than it's starting point, you would take it easy with your decisions, your health, your relationships. You would learn the seasons of refining, of deprivation, of losing and finding, of growing and stagnation.
 God will usually test the character of men in order to obtain trust. I have prayed for things I thought I needed, and when it came, I was like "Oh No, Not now, Take it away". Or times you expect that relationship to lead to a wishful marriage, but when God separates you from that person, you're heart broken, and you even almost pray them back to you. You hold on to it, and refuse to move on. I hope you remember you also prayed for the bone of your bone.
 Let's talk about that relationship you're in for a minute. Something does baffle me though, how lazy we are when it comes to talking to God about what we're about to commit our affections to, and how energized we become once we let our emotions feel what it wants to feel. Hmmm...Things I have seen under the sun. Don't you come back to this same God when your heart gets shattered? You can't boy-cot patience, fellas. Do the right thing. And yea, don't fret, a bunch of us wear those shoes at first.
 Some of you might ask, how can you tell a good from a bad? I'll bluntly tell you, "STAY AWAY FROM PREMARITAL SEX". And you'll watch the bad ones fall off your dignified list, like dried leaves on a growing tree. And if they're having it right under your very nose, Patience will soon help you find out. Take a deep breath, because there's nothing to rush. Brothers and sisters deceive themselves nowadays. You spend so much time together alone, and expect your bodies not to get charged with emotions flying around the vicinity. You better stop it, before you both get nude in the middle of your devotion. Spend time with other friends, meet in public places, secure your future by paying attention to the right things. Patience is profitable for the wise.
You're worth the wait.....Yes You!!!