Saturday, May 7, 2011


 So, TosynBerry and I were just asking about why bad girls end up with good men, and why good girls end up following bad men.. Lol. It sounds like a law in physics that says, Like-poles repel,and unlike-poles attract. Isn't it all curiosity in our unseen minds. If you're the kind of girl that is reserved but yet adventurous, and you have a nice brother begging to soak your feet, your mind tells you he's boring and can't probably take you on the fantastic imaginative roller coaster you want.Now you're probably forgetting one thing. Not to judge a book by it's cover. And yea, you all know how the story goes from there when she finds a guy that only wants to dig a hole around the hole she has.
 Now, some distinguished men who probably spent thirty years of their lives getting made and not paying attention to where the juice is made from. Dang! Some girls are bad, I know. Did I hear you say they'll extract and suck the living day light of that man.....Ha Ha....I laugh.
 What then is right for me, you ask? How do I know if he or she is right for me?
Here's the problem...The thing is we don't know who we are,our identities got all mixed up in the search for fulfillment. You probably don't know why you do the things you do half the time. Human nature doesn't make it any worse. It constantly strives for more, passionately wants approval, desperately needs love. And all this vacuum is what one soul would have to risk living with.
Most Men and Women constantly get it wrong, and sometimes they figure it out on time and fix themselves to find the right fit. But if you're still at that stage of depending on someone else for fulfillment in Love and relationship.Quit wasting time baby...You've got the pawns,make the right move...