Monday, May 30, 2011


 Last night at work, I had the pleasure of listening to Patty, who is now sixty years of age, talk about her life as a kid. She had mentioned how her eldest sister's been married for 50 years, while she was only ten. She sadly speculated how she was carried down the aisle because she couldn't walk. I beckoned on her with a smile on my face, but utmostly thankful to God. The thing about Patty is that she knows she'll be on that wheelchair for the rest of her days on earth, but was more concerned about her sisters that have become sole enemies because of something as little as a BB Gun as she calls it. While I was trying to figure that out, she lashed out "I'M SAD", my sisters have become enemies and I'm in between, though I'm the baby of the family. It aroused my spirit that this beautiful soul was concerned about forgiveness.
 It only takes a mussel to trespass against anyone. Trespass is an unlawful invasion of personal space or territory. Anyone can trespass by intruding in someone else's affair or speaking ill of others. I'm sure with no doubt we fall into this category either purposeful or unknowingly criticizing people in our hearts. In the Lord's prayer, Jesus specifically points out "Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us". As it is, Trespass can be bogus or not seen at all, and either you understand it or not, the important instruction is to forgive all in order to obtain forgiveness from God.
 To forgive a trespass is a process that hurts more than the hurt. The transition from trespass to forgive, takes a sound spiritual process. No one can forgive with their emotions. All you hear is I've forgiven but I can't forget. Your mind will remind you of the hurt and put you right back in the place of trespass. Any trespass that is left alone and allowed to go on for so long, will let you become an enemy of someone dear to you, just like Patty's sisters.
 I reach out to people struggling to let that hurt, bitterness and trespass go. And even to those that have resulted into becoming their own worst enemies, condemned and refused to forgive themselves. Allow trespass to turn to Forgiveness daily. It's a process of Healing, when you get a bruise physically, you expect to heal and not decay. If we all truly want God's forgiveness, move from Trespass to Forgive


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


And again death brings it's daggers my doorsteps, stripping me off my solemn morning joy.....RIP (TUNDE KAYODE).

Though it seems like essence lies in your abode
And the peace of humanity escapes through your window,
Though your sting is a myth and hallowed
And the fresh beauty goes yonder below

Horrified and mystified are we left
Pondering the true goal of life
Maybe as we search within the depth
Answers will come with the strife

Sometimes I'm down and I cry
Some things will come and go
But your tempestuous rally ride
Leaves me on the sand of time to spread my toe

Deadly is your fang oh! Death
Firm will my grip be on eternity
And though your scars be laid from birth
My beauty will come with divinity.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have come to realize that patience is not only a virtue, but a reward for allowing yourself be ridiculed and put down in nasty situations. Each time your flesh is being put under subjection, you reap the fruit of excelling patience. I have seen how fast paced the world has become, how lies are being expressed from down below, stripping people everyday of their peace. Eyes bulging, nose squinting, unable to wait, unable to find, and all we do is settle.
 A great man once said to me "The most beautiful things in Life were waited upon". I dare to say, it would be better if people just followed their will all the way, and not involve God at all, than to claim to follow God, and not learn HIS principles. God does not let go of HIS standards because of anyone. Very slow paced, sees the end from the beginning. If you then know that the end of a matter, is better than it's starting point, you would take it easy with your decisions, your health, your relationships. You would learn the seasons of refining, of deprivation, of losing and finding, of growing and stagnation.
 God will usually test the character of men in order to obtain trust. I have prayed for things I thought I needed, and when it came, I was like "Oh No, Not now, Take it away". Or times you expect that relationship to lead to a wishful marriage, but when God separates you from that person, you're heart broken, and you even almost pray them back to you. You hold on to it, and refuse to move on. I hope you remember you also prayed for the bone of your bone.
 Let's talk about that relationship you're in for a minute. Something does baffle me though, how lazy we are when it comes to talking to God about what we're about to commit our affections to, and how energized we become once we let our emotions feel what it wants to feel. Hmmm...Things I have seen under the sun. Don't you come back to this same God when your heart gets shattered? You can't boy-cot patience, fellas. Do the right thing. And yea, don't fret, a bunch of us wear those shoes at first.
 Some of you might ask, how can you tell a good from a bad? I'll bluntly tell you, "STAY AWAY FROM PREMARITAL SEX". And you'll watch the bad ones fall off your dignified list, like dried leaves on a growing tree. And if they're having it right under your very nose, Patience will soon help you find out. Take a deep breath, because there's nothing to rush. Brothers and sisters deceive themselves nowadays. You spend so much time together alone, and expect your bodies not to get charged with emotions flying around the vicinity. You better stop it, before you both get nude in the middle of your devotion. Spend time with other friends, meet in public places, secure your future by paying attention to the right things. Patience is profitable for the wise.
You're worth the wait.....Yes You!!! 


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


If you knew me, you would love me,
You would lurk behind the towers of my being
If you knew my pain,you would share it,
You would crave for me to praise
If you knew my heart,you would tend it,
Never for it to lose sight of day
If you looked farther,you'd see,
The hidden battles of the spirit within
If you stretched your hands to me,
I'd leap,forgetting the height of gravity
If you had a little faith in me,
I'd soar above cups of cloud
If you listen,I'd sing,
the sweetest of cherubic melodies
If you pray,I'd stand strong,
fighting undefeated battles
If only you loved me,
then is my eternity safely sealed.

Friday, May 13, 2011


 Today and only Now, Yes, on a beautiful Friday morning, am I crazy? What do I want or what do I need? What does my longing soul require to have? Yea, I know...too many questions flood our minds irrespective of what you have. This brings me to ask you,
 Why do we look for Love in all the wrong places? Why does our heart fail, woefully to understand the principle of each one loving oneself the most appropriate way first?
 Women out there,seek for security,for something unrealistic,media clogging minds daily,tampering with reserved emotions,forcing innocent souls to believe the unreal.Men unsatisfied with urges unquenched,searching for vague images in one woman.Fantasy gone wild,Morals out of sight,believing lies and breaking hearts.Oh! Do we then settle for less is the question that lingers.Do we accept failure,do we accept what the world tells us it is?
 I have seen men and women brutally shattered by what they thought was their forever held dream.Women and men now take precaution,and yet still fall in the same soil of unconscious hate. Oh! Oh!
Maybe, if you first loved yourself,and paid more attention to the God in you,maybe you'd find the answer your soul lusteth for.There's realizing and there's reality.No one man or woman can love you more than you already love you.How about just quit looking in the wrong places!!!!
I'm sick and sick of it.....
I have seen Ladies give up dignity and sown devilish seeds into homes.I have seen young men,make devils out of many innocent ladies.
Only and Only if we had some more love for ourselves.Men, if you loved you,you'd care about implications,not just on you,but your generation.Likewise,women.What you do now,might not be understood totally,till years down the road.Consequences is built into what we do with our lives.We now live in a world of Hate and abomination.
Where then is the Love for yourself?


To whom, it is given, it is acknowledged
A strange embodiment of character
Like an uncontrollable pendulum, it swings
Revealing time after time, its hint
To you, it might be worthy of protection
Guarded by your instincts and intuition
But I hope in your very own fiction
There's a meaningful foundation
To me, it is precious and priceless
A substitute for an old wine skin
Pictured after the image of a superior
Nourished in the abundance of fountain
To us, a rebirth of entity
Greatly appalled by the wind of change
Finding balance in the sway of opportunity
Immensely measured by adorning gauge

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Ye have the Love of God in thy heart
And ye groom perversion of thy soul to hades!
Listen oh! Generation of the wicked
Ye cannot experience the fullness of God,
His Glory is far from thee
Thine mind, so clouded with folly
Refusing to refrain from thy pride
The Truth is the Truth, not to be tested
God is God not to be withstood
Great in judgement, meek in Love
Why hast thou allowed thy soul to stray thither
Thine mind corrupt, lips sealed with evil,
And thy generation perverse
Art thou blind to thine own puking scent?

Worship the Lord, not your failing heart
Remember ye not how the savior was brought to face the mirror of supremacy
How He refused to Glory in the flesh, and the prowess of folly?
Choose wisely in thine heart, ye that are chosen of HIM
Be not burned in the curse of they that hate HIM
Be not joined in the failure and deceit of lucifer
He calls to thee with Love,
He that hath ears, let him hear the spirit.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Some many weathers back, on a rainy spring
There you were, pretty face, stressing
Working hard to keep me around
You sat there, sung there, watched my infancy sprout
You prayed hard on nights you alone felt my temperature booming out of steadiness
You love me, and want me to be better, better than anything you were
You groomed me, trained me, taught me
Never wanted me to make mistakes
You are Mother, you are nurture
An embodiment of joy, a strong pillar of purpose
Right behind me you are, strengthening in right, encouraging in wrong
Your breast my blessing, your womb my purpose
An Angel without wings you are
Having the best solution yet to every rowdy quest
My Mother, even twice a mother
Unconditioned Love has made you super-mother
Your words in me, your step I tread, your Love I live
I hope in the complexity of my mind
You see the simplicity of my appreciation
For choosing to give me life and a chance in a world as this.
I and many others celebrate you "MOTHER"

Saturday, May 7, 2011


 So, TosynBerry and I were just asking about why bad girls end up with good men, and why good girls end up following bad men.. Lol. It sounds like a law in physics that says, Like-poles repel,and unlike-poles attract. Isn't it all curiosity in our unseen minds. If you're the kind of girl that is reserved but yet adventurous, and you have a nice brother begging to soak your feet, your mind tells you he's boring and can't probably take you on the fantastic imaginative roller coaster you want.Now you're probably forgetting one thing. Not to judge a book by it's cover. And yea, you all know how the story goes from there when she finds a guy that only wants to dig a hole around the hole she has.
 Now, some distinguished men who probably spent thirty years of their lives getting made and not paying attention to where the juice is made from. Dang! Some girls are bad, I know. Did I hear you say they'll extract and suck the living day light of that man.....Ha Ha....I laugh.
 What then is right for me, you ask? How do I know if he or she is right for me?
Here's the problem...The thing is we don't know who we are,our identities got all mixed up in the search for fulfillment. You probably don't know why you do the things you do half the time. Human nature doesn't make it any worse. It constantly strives for more, passionately wants approval, desperately needs love. And all this vacuum is what one soul would have to risk living with.
Most Men and Women constantly get it wrong, and sometimes they figure it out on time and fix themselves to find the right fit. But if you're still at that stage of depending on someone else for fulfillment in Love and relationship.Quit wasting time baby...You've got the pawns,make the right move...

Friday, May 6, 2011


A beautiful friend touched my heart and inspired this poem.

To be or not to be
A boiling thought with growing wings
Not to be or to be
A harbored image of dense imagination
A moment you know, and another you're o'erthrown
Whispers of uncertainty, like a dagger with horror
To stand firm or to fall flat on brittled ground
A grave fate dribbling in faith
To love or to be loved
Extraordinarily powerful in sight to behold
Rhythmic reverberations, it's hold so strong
To have sight or blindly see
The path of numerical perplexion
To be you and only you
A magnified gift bellied with heavenly ring.